Macclesfield Community Association


The Macclesfield Community Association (MCA) is committed to keeping the wellbeing of our community as our central focus of activity. As an active, cooperative and accountable committee we aim to be the central group representing Macclesfield’s residents and community groups. Members of the MCA committee are volunteers who have a love for the community they live in.

The MCA  consists of -


Chairperson:          Graeme Milne

Vice-Chairperson:  Christie Gordon

Secretary:               Robyn Milne

Treasurer:               Anne Stott

Members:               Brian Lewis,

                               Penny Worland,

                               Shane Bartlett,   

                               Sandy Bartlett,

                               Tara Horsnell &

                               Lynn Boyd



  • ENCOURAGE community interest in the township and surrounding areas

  • COMMUNICATE with the Mount Barker District Council, the Macclesfield Community and other organisations

  • PROVIDE money and assistance where possible within the Macclesfield community

  • APPLY for grants when required

  • PROTECT, manage, conserve and develop community facilities

  • OPERATE and promote events that develop cultural life, community health, education and local economy for community benefit

  • CREATE a vision for a sustainable future and conserve and enhance the aesthetic appeal and attractiveness of Macclesfield.