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Animals and Emergencies

Plan ahead
and be prepared

For more help and advice, please visit the following links

Pets and livestock

Keeping your animals safe during emergencies and disasters
Prepare pets and livestock for a fire
 Looking after horses in bushfire
Prepare for a fire (general information)
My horse disaster plan
Large animal rescue resources
Guidelines for Planning for People with Assistance Animals In Emergencies
 Livestock and other animal safety during and after emergencies
Livestock and animal management after a bushfire


Emergency animal rescue service

Fauna Rescue SA

8289 0896

1300 KOALAZ koala rescue and rehabilitation

Wildlife Welfare Organisation SA Inc

Found injured or sick wildlife

call 0434114628

WIRES Wildlife rescue 1300 094 737

Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Centre

Free vet services to injured wildlife in Plympton

Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre for animals and birds brought to the centre

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