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Macclesfield Resilience Group

Communication, Information and Knowledge Task Group

Mission :      To collate and share information, in a variety of formats, about the resilience projects as well as  preparation for, response to and recovery from an emergency.

Contact        Lynn      

On Going Tasks

* collaborate with other Resilience Task groups to share information between Resilience Groups and the Macclesfield community

* create and distribute an information booklet to each household, group and business in Macclesfield

* make emergency information accessible to visitors to Macclesfield

* maintain this website

* assist in distribution of the Macclesfield Newsletter

* "Preptember" event

* maintain a community "Disaster Resilience" notice board for the use of Disaster Resiliency groups to inform the community

* liase with RSL  on messaging using electronic notice board

* collaborate with Community Mapping Group to create phone trees and a community SMS system 

* invite community leaders to link up to share ideas

* promote Macclesfield Resiliency Project at community events

* encourage Macclesfield residents, groups and businesses to create and maintain their Emergency Plans using resources from 

   the CFS                                               


or Red Cross RediPlan  


* hold Bushfire Community Legal Program workshops - February 5th and March 15th at the Institute, 7pm.  COMPLETED    

* encourage residents to download the Alert SA app to their phones

* provide information to residents, groups, businesses and visitors about the difference between Bushfire Safer Places and Places of Last Resort

* to ensure information about resilience in Macclesfield is shared in a variety of formats so it is accessible to all members of the Macclesfield community


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