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Members of the MCA committee are volunteers who have a love for the community they live in.

The committee meets at 7pm on the second Monday of the month at the Institute. Macclesfield residents are welcome to attend.

Chairperson:          Penny Worland
Vice-Chairperson:  Christie Gordon
Secretary:              June Conroy
Treasurer:              Geoff Harris
Members:               Lynn Boyd
                               Karin Scholz
                               David Maher
                               Richard Davidson

                               Karen Stephenson
                                 Tania Slack


  • ENCOURAGE community interest in the township and surrounding areas

  • COMMUNICATE with the Mount Barker District Council, the Macclesfield Community and other organisations

  • PROVIDE money and assistance where possible within the Macclesfield community

  • APPLY for grants when required

  • PROTECT, manage, conserve and develop community facilities

  • OPERATE and promote events that develop cultural life, community health, education and local economy for community benefit

  • CREATE a vision for a sustainable future and conserve and enhance the aesthetic appeal and attractiveness of Macclesfield

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