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Does it matter if Maccy and other small towns are not represented on Council?

The MCA thinks so!

Mount Barker District Council is changing its Ward structure this year. Some of the options being considered are likely to result in NO Councillors being elected from small towns like Macclesfield, Meadows, Prospect Hill and Echunga.

The Macclesfield Community Association believes this would have a negative impact on our town. We want Councillors who live locally and understand our community. MCA wants a Ward structure that ensures small communities can have a voice on Council.

MCA has reviewed all 7 Options under consideration and can only support 2 of them. In our assessment, only Options 3 and 4 will provide a fair level of representation for Macclesfield and neighbouring small towns.

Due to population growth in the District, the way voters are represented MUST change at the next Council election (end of 2022).

It’s important that residents and organisations speak up now for their interests.

To see MCA’s summary table of the options, 

To read more about the Review, see the proposed Ward boundaries and provide your own feedback to Council go here:

The description and maps of the 7 Options for Wards are on pages 22 - 38 of the ‘Periodical Elector Representation Options Paper’.

Your feedback will have the greatest impact if you put it in your own words.

Feedback must be provided to Council by 5.00pm 31 March 2021.
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