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Macclesfield Resiliency Project


Mission - To develop a 72 Hour Disaster Response Plan


During and after an emergency communities often gather locally to

*obtain social support,

*seek information

*and have their basic needs met.

Some community members will

*require assistance,

*while others will have the capacity and desire to offer support.

Response by emergency services can often be delayed for a number of reasons.


Community led 72 Hour Response aims to

provide support in this situation

* and as such will focus on the set up and maintenance of a Community Support Hub.

A Community Support Hub will contribute to a resilient and self-organised community  by providing support

* before


*and after an emergency.



Our Community Support Hub will aim to provide:
* Localised social connection with people who have been impacted by an emergency.
* Immediate care and comfort.
* Information about the emergency as well as amplify any emergency services messages.
*Referral for support services.
*Light refreshments.

Our community support hub WILL NOT take the place of a formal resource recovery centre, but may form part of it.

To date the 72-hour response team has identified our role during an emergency response situation as well as likely services that will be provided. This gives us a clear indication of our likely involvement should an emergency arise.

We will now be working with other resilience groups to identify and document:
* Location/Locations of our Community Support Hub
* Those responsible for the effective operation of the hub including roles and possible need for training to provide the efficient running during an emergency.
* Services provided as well as those not by the Community Support Hub.

This is very much a work in progress and will not happen overnight, and any input by our community would be welcome.

July 2023 - (details will be updated by the task group as progress is made)

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