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Emergency Information



000 For Emergencies or Life Threatening Situations


1300 881 700 Non-Emergency Bookings 


1300 136 272 General Enquiries

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000 For Emergencies or Life Threatening Situations


8388 9216 General Enquiries

CFS Website for Warnings, Incidents, Fire Bans and Ratings.

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000 For Emergencies or Life Threatening Situations

8398 1700 Mount Barker Police

64 Gawler St, Mount Barker 5251 (7 am - 11 pm Seven Days)

8536 2044 Strathalbyn Police

13 Commercial St, Strathalbyn 5255 (7:30 am - 11:30 am Mon-Fri)

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13 12 61 General Enquiries

13 13 66 Power Outages and Hazard Reports

It is important not to confuse Bushfire Last Resort Refuges with a Bushfire Safer Place.

A Bushfire Safer Place is an area that has been designated as a place of relative safety, including Adelaide Metropolitan area, outer suburbs and rural settlements. They are suitable for use during forecast bad fire weather or during bushfire. May be subject to sparks, embers and smoke. Parts of Mount Barker are designated as a Bushfire Safer Place, check the CFS website for a detailed map.

Bushfire Last Resort Refuges are your  LAST choice of location to shelter from a bushfire.

Bushfire Last Resort Refuge is only to be used if your plan has failed and you cannot reach a designated Bushfire Safer Place, it will only provide limited protection during a bushfire.

Risks associated with Bushfire Last Resort Refuges

  • travelling to a Bushfire Last Resort Refuge may be dangerous. Traffic congestion, fire activity, heavy smoke, accidents or fallen trees may block the route

  • there is no guarantee that you will be safe from fire or radiant heat when travelling to or sheltering at a Bushfire Last Resort Refuge

  • emergency services may not be present

  • there may be limited capacity

  • Bushfire Last Resort Refuges do not cater for animals

  • Bushfire Last Resort Refuges do not provide meals, amenities or special needs (e.g. for infants, the elderly, the ill or disabled)

  • Bushfire Last Resort Refuges may not provide shelter from the elements, particularly flying sparks and embers.

The Bushfire Last Resort Refuge in Macclesfield is the Oval.

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