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Macclesfield Resilience

Vision Statement
‘A coordinated community who knows how to support themselves and each other before, during and after an emergency’


Workshop 5.

Task groups were formed at this workshop.

Groups will be convening and working on their action plan in the coming months. There are areas of overlap between the groups and those groups will collaborate on those issues.

Groups will be able to seek ongoing assistance and support from Red Cross, The Mount Barker Council and will be able to network with townships that have also participated in the Resiliency Workshops.

Action Plans will be updated on this website as task groups progress.

Workshop 4. 

Participants brainstormed ideas to strengthen the Connection, knowledge, Security and Wellbeing of the community.  


At the next workshop, December 7th, participants will prioritise their ideas, working groups will be formed, tasks allocated and then the real work begins.

The 6th and final workshop will be scheduled later in 2023 to review the progress of the task groups



Chat to your Macclesfield Community Association members for more information

Local communities know their history, risks, people, resources, capacities and geographical location better than anyone from outside the community.


With advice and support from emergency management agencies such as Red Cross, State Emergency Services (SES), and Rural Fire Services (RFS), as well as Local Emergency Management Officers at local councils, communities can improve their preparedness and resilience for disaster events.

Check out what the Kangarilla and Gumeracha communities acheived through their participation in their Community Led Emergency Resiliency workshops

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