Vision and Values

Our Vision

To be an effective and progressive sub branch to assist veterans, their families and the community of Macclesfield and the wider district.


Our Values

Mateship - Welfare - Commemoration - Education - Sustainability



  • Provide an environment that fosters mateship and social interaction by maintain an inclusive sub branch that is open to all in the veteran and wider community.

  • Promote the RSL cause through providing opportunities and initiatives for the membership.


  • Provide assistance to veterans and their families in accessing advocacy, pensions and support services.

  • Maintain a Welfare Officer.

  • Maintain local welfare funds for emergency purposes.

  • Provide workspace for visiting welfare agencies.


  • Conduct ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and other significant commemoration activities.

  • Preserve and maintain the historical record of service of local men and women through times of war and peace.

  • Provide development and maintenance of the Macclesfield ANZAC Memorial Garden.

  • Foster the ANZAC spirit in younger generations.


  • Provide education resources for the community in particular younger generations.

  • Make available all local history resources through modern technologies.

  • Provide access to Virtual War Memorial, Australian War Memorial and other research facilities.

  • Develop and maintain a museum of local military history.


  • Establish governance practices to ensure the ongoing responsible operation of the sub-branch.

  • Engage with our membership to evaluate and reflect their views to our best endeavour.

  • Undertake disciplined management of expenditure and future investments.

  • Review our membership model and develop new ways of engaging with the veteran and affiliate community.

  • Develop a plan to deliver modern facilities for the use of the membership and community.

  • Provide an environment for members and the community that is safe, inclusive and family friendly.

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