Your MCA Representatives

Graeme Milne (Chairperson)

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Christie Gordon (Vice Chairperson)

I have lived in Macclesfield since 2003 having played for the local Netball Club for the previous two years and loved this town and the people I'd met. I was invited to attend the AGM of the MCA in 2018 and, having little knowledge of the part the MCA played in the town, I went along out of curiosity.  With an MBA and a strong sense of civic duty, it was apparent to me that by joining the MCA, I could make a positive contribution to our community, and I've been the Deputy Chair of the MCA ever since.  I am also the Deputy Chair of the Macclesfield Primary School Governing Council.

Robyn Milne (Secretary)

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Anne Stott (Treasurer)

My husband and I built our home here in this lovely rural town of Macclesfield in 2009 and have very much appreciated living here since then. We have been in Christian ministry together for over 45 years and in 2019 we started Living Word Church in Macclesfield. We feel we can offer our care and experience to the community in this way. I also wanted to contribute to the local community in some other way which is why I joined the MCA. Since I have my own bookkeeping business, I decided to volunteer my skills and was elected as treasurer.

Brian Lewis

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Penny Worland

I have lived in Macclesfield since 2009. I love the bushland and the strong sense of community here. I first got involved with the MCA due to my son's petition for a half pipe in Davenport Square and the MCA's efforts to get the skate facility built.  I have worked in community services, urban planning and local government. I joined the committee in 2018 to use my skills in community projects. 

Sandy Bartlett

We moved to Macclesfield officially in 2018 after purchasing our home in 2016. I loved the feel of the town and the community as soon as we moved here and I knew I wanted to be involved.  I joined the committee in 2019 to enable me to have a positive contribution to the town I now call my home. 

Shane Bartlett

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